A Year of Climbing 2019

189 Days Outside

45+ People I shared as rope with

Trad = 103 Days

Sport = 34 Days

Bouldering = 25 Days

Ice = 15 Days

Solo or TR Solo = 13 Days

*= Day or objective I’m proud of

**= Day or objective I’m extra psyched or proud of

1/6 RMNP led first ice routes Loch Vale w/lyle

1/7 Lincoln Falls first multipitch Ice route w/lyle

1/9 Flatirons, bouldered at NCAR (flail)

1/11 Flagstaff, bouldered (flail)

1/17 BoCan, castle rock, V6 altered acro

1/20 RMNP, Hidden falls WI4 & Dangler w/lyle

1/27 Vail, Pencil, Eraser, & spiral staircase w/lyle

2/3 RMNP, Loch Vale, Mixed Emotions w/lyle

2/14 Eldo, metamorphosis, tagger, w/riley

*2/17 Vail, lead rigid designator WI5-, sent w/lyle greg

2/18 S. platte, Wunches dihedral 5.11, lyle, fernie sam

**2/24 RMNP, Hidden falls, sent the Dangler WI5 M7 w/ Jordan ice climbed with a #6 cam is goofy.

2/25 Eldo, Rosy Crucifixion, Evangeline w/ Jesse

2/27 Eldo, Achilles, wasabe 5.11 1st pitch w/riley

3/1 Eldo, Northwest Corner, scary w/riley

3/2 Eldo, Horans Highball V5, Work Supp w/riley

3/3 RMNP, Black Lake Ice Slabs w/ lyle

3/4 BoCan, Hound Dog, Cosmosis w/ Taylor s. Sam, lyle

3/6 Eldo, Sent Genesis p1 and cest la vie w/ riley

**3/7 Eldo, Sent Le Boomerang 5.11+ & pansee sauvage 5.11b R w/ riley

3/8 Flagstaff, Cloud Tower Traverse, etc.

3/9 Eldo, Outer Space 4th time. w/ sam

3/10 BoCan, Storming the Castle w/ fam

3/11 Eldo, Xanadu with the fam and Gabe

3/12 BoCan, Animal Magnitism OS wAleta 

-3/13 BoCan, Bouldering Flail

3/14 Eldo, Cadillac crag, land of Ra OS w/ Gabby 

3/17 S.P, Thunder Ridge, 1 hung starlight. w/ Gabby, lyle, sam 

3/18 S.P, Turkey Rock, Straw Turkey w/ Gabby 

*3/20 BoCan, Sent FM (gear) 5.11c w/ lyle

*3/21 Eldo,Sent Raccoon Soup 5.11+(gear) w/ lyle

3/22 Eldo, Sent Hairstyles and Attitudes 12c on TR w/ lyle

__GOT SICK w/ virus in nerves and muscles__

4/2 Eldo, Bouldered, quartzite and Gill 

4/3 Eldo, the Bulge w/ sam

4/4 Eldo, Whales Tail, West Crack Solo

4/5 Flagstaff, Bouldered Nooks Rock 

4/9 Eldo, Wind Tower, Solo

4/11 Flagstaff, Bouldered Tree Slab

4/14 BoCan, riviera, w/ Jon Taylor, Gabby, Jordan, greg, Claire 

4/15 BoCan, Dementia—cheers, & 5.11 w/ Taylor and Jon 

4/17 BoCan, Cascade Crag w/lyle

4/18 Flatirons, Bear Canyon Bouldering

4/19 BoCan, Animal World, free Willy w/taylor

4/22 BoCan, Craggin’ w/ homies 5- 5.11s

4/23 Eldo, the Flakes, 5.8x variation w/ sam, Taylor, lyle

4/25 Clear Creek, doghouse: Big Dog w/ Hannah, riley, Sean, Ryan H.

4/26 Flatirons, Woods quarry traverse

4/28 Vedauwoo, Dollywood, Friday’s folly w/ sam

4/29 Vedauwoo, Friday 13th, w/Gabby, Sam

5/9 Eldo, Ruper to Body Tremors,w/Taylor

5/10 Eldo, Bouldered, Gill Boulder

5/11 Eldo, West Buttress, w/ Taylor Rice

*5/13 The Black, Russian Arete, w/ fernie. First big objective since sick. 2000’ tall burl fest.

5/14 Flatirons,Xcrack boulder possible FA

5/15 Sanitas, Bouldered

5/16 Eldo, Hair City w/ sam

5/19 The Black, Journey Home, w/ lyle

5/20 Carbondale, The Gash, w/Lyle

5/21 BoCan, Strange Science, lyle, Aaron 

5/22 Eldo, The Bulge P1, w/ Gabby 

5/23 Flatirons, April Fools 11c, w/ Aaron

6/2 BoCan, Upper Dream 11s w/ Gabby, Jordan, greg, Claire,

6/3 BoCan Bouldered Castle Rock

6/4 Flatirons, scrambled, Gregory canyon 

6/5 BoCan, Momentum Operator, flash, final exam,first 11 trad since sick, w/lyle

6/6 south bo peak, Bear peak, green mountain traverse, some scrambling, lyle

6/7 Flatirons, Xcrack boulder,another FA?

6/9 Snowy Range, Marie Couloir mixed variation solo, 2nd lap up Couloir proper

6/10 Vedauwoo, grand traverse, w/Gabby 

6/11 Flagstaff, Monkey Traverse

6/12 Eldo, after work Naked Edge, w/ lyle

6/13 BoCan, lightning strike 5.11 w/sam

6/14 BoCan, Sent tongo and final exam 5.11 trad w/Riley 

6/15 Virginia Dale, FA of V0 boulder

**6/16 Vedauwoo, Hideout, Sent eleven cent moon. 5.11d trad, & Curry’s diagonal w/lyle. First hard trad after sickness.

6/19 Flagstaff,Hobo cave, 2 V6 w/Jordan 

6/20 BoCan, Englishman’s home OS attempt (flail) w/lyle TR lap on tell tale heart w/riley & Madeline 

*6/23 Vedauwoo, public enemy 5.11c and take five 5.11 flash, w/ Jordan, lyle, pat

6/24 Voo, Father 1 (5.11-) OS w/ Jordan

6/25 Eldo, Point break 5.11a OS w/ sam

**6/27 BoCan, Dracula 12b flash, consilence 11c, Smersh, 11c trad, blew a cam and took a 20 foot fall and decked. W/ sam, lyle, Jordan. Sick day

6/30 RMNP, Bouldered V1 crack FA

*7/1 RMNP Spear me the Details. One of the craziest leads of my life. Linked Crux pitches sent upper 11 pitch w/lyle

7/2 BoCan the dome east face w/ Greg W.

7/4 Sinks, w/lyle, Taylor, yuval, 

7/6 Wild Iris, with whole crew! Flash 12a queen of hearts.

7/7 Wild Iris, with whole crew! Sent choke cherry eyes 12a

7/8 Wild Iris, with whole crew. Fell on rodeo queen 12b, wild 

7/9 BoCan Country Club Crack w/ yuval

7/11 Eldo, Rosy Crucifixion before work w/yuval

**7/12 BoCan, Sent Englishman’s 5.11+ Crux pitch. W/ jordan

7/13 RMNP low 5th class scrambling.

**7/14 RMNP Airhead 5.11+ OS on arrowhead w/ Jordan 

**7/16 BoCan Sent Grand inquisitor 12- R trad w/ Ted

7/17 Flatirons the shaft w/ Jordan no send

7/19 BoCan Easter Rock, 12b roof crack flail & unsend of tell tale heart w/ Jordan 

*7/20 S. Platte climbed Sheeps Nose at 3am w/ riley and Sam. Intoxicated & fun

7/22 S. Platte thunder ridge, one hang on starlight twice. W/ riley & Madeline

7/24 Eldo, Parallels 5.11c trad OS, one hang of crazy fingers 12a/b trad w/ Jordan 

**7/26 Eldo, Sent crazy fingers 12a/b R and foxtrot 11d trad routes w/ Jordan 

7/27 Vedauwoo, Sent Nats 3 star roof 11c

7/28 Vedauwoo, beehive Buttress & the Cove 10s w/ Gabby 

7/29 Vedauwoo, Poland hill w/ Gabby 

7/30 BoCan Security Risk & Plan B w/jordy

7/31 Flatirons, scrambled 2nd w/ Jon, Kevin, greg, for jons birthday

*8/1 BoCan Sent Plan B 12b sport w/Jordan 

8/2 BoCan Castle rock adventure route and TR send of gill crack w/Chad,lyle,jordy

**8/4 RMNP Sublime Buttress 5.11c R Onsight w/ Jordan 

8/7 Flatirons Devils thumb, w/Jordan Chad 

8/8 BoCan Sherwood Forest, Sent prince of thieves 12b w/ Ted smoky & Nite ize ppl

8/11 BoCan the Brick wall w/lyle

*8/12 Mt. Evans the black wall Undertow (Free) 5.11+++ 2 gear ripping falls w/lyle

8/14 Flatirons TR solo of yellow Christ 

**8/15 Eldo Ironhorse 5.11c and Side Wall 5.11b R Onsight w/ Andy 

8/18 Independence Pass, cryogenics w/ Jordan, Gabby, Claire 

8/19 Independence Pass, Bouldering exploration w/ Gabby, Jordan, Claire 

8/22 BoCan antagonism w/Gabby 

8/23 Flatirons Yellow Christ TR solo

8/24 Eldo Amarillo Sunset TR solo

8/25 Flatirons Sent hot if you’re not 12a & every route on Der Zerkle w/ Gabby sam

*8/26 BoCan Sent Antagonism 12b climbed every good route at nip & tuck w/ Gabby 

8/27 BoCan Sent Country club Crack lyle

*8/28 Eldo Sent Northwest Corner 5.11 sam

8/30 BoCan First aid lead,Aid Crack w/lyle

8/31 BoCan FM 5.11c TR solo

*9/1 BoCan Sent Joyride 12b Jordan Gabe 

9/2 S. platte Devils Head Wishbone Dihedral w/ Chad, patty, KURC

9/3 S. Platte Devils H Equinox, Chad, Patti 

**9/8 RMNP the diamond Yellow Wall 5.11R+ redpoint In a day w/lyle car to car 20 hrs massive 4 piece ripping fall. Got back on and re-read crux pitch with no fixed pro.

9/10 Eldo Biked to eldo. Solo whales tail 

9/11 BoCan TR Solo laps practice rock, C2 aid climb on castle rock w/lyle & Fernando

9/12 BoCan Mojo Rising w/ Julia Williams 

9/15 Vedauwoo Horns Mother 5.11a fist/offwidth w/ Jordan, Kandice, Gabby

9/18 BoCan south face castle rock w/lyle

9/19 BoCan Aid Crack castle rock w/lyle 

9/20 BoCan country club crack and Englishman’s home TR solo

*9/22 Vedauwoo Moonrise 10d Blade Runner 5.11, Boardwalk 5.11 OS w/lyle

9/23 voo Poland Hill, the skull 5.10 w/lyle

9/25 BoCan Athletes feat w/lyle 

9/26 BoCan TR Solo fm 5.11c and 10d 

9/29 Eldo Center Route, 5.11- Climb of the century 5.11 w/lyle Jordan Taylor Gabby

9/30 BoCan Cob Rock north face center and jugging w/lyle, Alex 

**10/1 BoCan Castle rock 5.11d R trad Atlas Shrugged into tongo 11- w/ lyle

10/2 BoCan TR solo of FM and got shut down on Umph Slot w/ lyle

10/6 Yosemite Leaning Tower Day 1 w/lyle

10/7 Yosemite, Leaning tower Day 2 w/lyle

10/8 Yosemite, fixed first two pitches of the nose w/lyle

10/9 Yosemite, THE NOSE day 1 slept on El Cap Tower. Dark to dark long day, lyle

**10/10 Yosemite, THE NOSE day 2. Route  we free and clear. Took big whip on boot flake pitch, king swing was rad.Sent 11c pancake flake pitch, slept at camp 5. Bad bivy w/lyle

**10/11 Yosemite, THE NOSE day 3 Free climbed all the 10d pitches back to back, summited, awesome w/lyle

10/13 Yosemite, Serenity and Sons and climbed “Haard” 5.11- w/lyle

10/14 Yosemite,Separate Reality 12a tore hamstring w/lyle

10/22 Eldo Wind Ridge &tagger p1 w/Patti

10/24 Eldo Hair City w/ patti watched base jumpers jump off bastille

10/25 Eldo Cest la Vie and pansee w/patti 

10/28 Eldo Disappearing act and entire green spur w/Brenton 

10/29 Eldo Chainti to break on through w/patti

10/32 Supremacy Crack 5.11 w/ mac 

*11/3 Indian Creek Johnny Cat 5.11+ OS and mad dog 5.11+ OS w/ lyle

11/4 Indian Creek Generic Crack and Black Corner 5.11 OS w/lyle and Brenton 

11/6 Eldo Suparete 5.11b w/ Mac 

11/7 Flagstaff Upper Y traverse 

**11/10 Eldo, The Wisdom 5.11d R onsight for birthday w/ Jordan wild!

11/14 Eldo, Grand Course 5.11 finish w/Mac 

11/16 Escalante, Willy’s hand jive w/ Sam

11/17 Escalante, point 5 roof, calcite fingers w/ Wojtek, sam, Chad, Patti, Bry, Daniel, Fernando, lyle, Tyler Amanda

*11/18 Escalante Briars Birth 5.11+ OS w/Wojtek, sam, Chad, Patti, Daniel, Fernando, lyle,

11/20 Flatirons Yellow Christ TR solo

11/21 Eldo P1 of bastille crack w/ Aleta 

11/22 Eldo Out to Lunge 5.9+ R w/ Aleta 

11/25 Moffat Tunnel ice led WI4+ w/ Fernie

11/27 Flagstaff Hobo Cave V5

11/28 Eldo Direct North Face or Bastille 5.11- R w/ Mac. Fell at crux

*11/29 Eldo Germ Free Adolescence V5 R w/ Garth, Chris leaf

12/1 RMNP, Led Crystal Meth WI4+ w/ Ryan Montoya 

**12/5 Eldo, Downpressor Man 12b flash, Temporary like Achilles 5.10c R w/ Nick S.

12/7 Flagstaff, Hobo Cave w/ Brenton 

**12/8 RMNP Warmed up lead Crystal Meth (sketchy) and sent Mixed Feelings M5 WI5 first go w/ fernie Jon, lyle, Robin

12/10 Eldo, Wild Turkey one hang w/ Mac 

*12/11 Eldo, Sent Back in Black 11d PG-13 w/ Mac 

12/12 Eldo, Guenesee, wasabe P1 w/ Mac

12/14 Eldo, Le Toit 5.11- R to Rosy Toit w/ Brenton

*12/15 Eldo, Suparete to doub Griffith to dubious graffiti to doub Griffith 12a finish. Came down and sent ignition 12a w/ jordy

12/16 Eldo, Rosy Crucifixion w/ Jordan

*12/18 Eldo, Warp Drive Overload 12- & Practice Wall 11a w/ Mac

**12/21 Eldo Silver Raven 5.11+ PG-13 trad Onsight & Disappearing act 11- w/ Mac

12/23 Eldo, Practice Climb 101, follow 12c pitch and redpoint or barrel of monkeys 5.11d w/ Aaron Ramras

12/30 Eldo, C’est la Vie P1 and C’est What 5.11 w/ Gabby

**12/31 Vail, Led 7th Testicle M7 WI5 and the Rigid Designator WI5- w/Fernie


Got a couple more days in there. I’m pretty sure I forgot to log a day and the count is actually 190. Who knows.

Got a couple more days in there. I’m pretty sure I forgot to log a day and the count is actually 190. Who knows.